Thursday, February 23, 2006

Ammon Manfredjensen (A Total Bastard Who Will Someday Die)

Jnet's comment reminded me that I should inform you all of an evil man who may occassionally try to masquerade as me (you can tell the difference because all of his ideas are derivative of mine. They look exactly like what my ideas would be like if I were trying to imitate myself).

His name is Ammon Manfredjensen. (See, he even stole his identity from Fawlty Towers). He is so derivative. I hate him.

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Kate said...

MY doppelganger is SHORTY-GREASY-SPOT-SPOT - also completely derivative. And what a BITCH!!!

Says Kate,
Of these blah blah blogs:

L'Original = Le Monde de Kate du Fromage


Version Bleue = Le Monde de Kate du Froamge Bleu

WARNING: Neither of these tomes is sincerely amusing, aesthetically-pleasing, or useful to any measurable extent.