Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Many Ideas of Ideas Girl: Part One

Suffice it to say, Ideas Girl has many ideas of her own. Since she cannot type yet, I will try to convey some of them on her behalf:For the following idea, a little bit of background is perhaps necessary (well, a very little bit of background). You see, Pampers Cruisers have pictures of Sesame Street characters on front of them, a sensible design given the excellence of Sesame Street characters.

Ideas Girl models her diaper (12 Months Old)

To help Ideas Girl consent to get her diaper changed, it is necessary to present her with a choice between two of them. However, the ratio at which these characters appear will shock and appall you. In a 74 pack, there are 17 Elmo's (sometimes pronounced Ohmo or Yelma), 16 Big Bird's (BiBir), 16 Cookie Monster's (KeeKee), 16 Ernie's (Amy) but only 9 Grover's (Groger or Grogro)! While all of the characters are good, Grover is clearly the best. So, no matter what choice you offer Ideas Girl, she will often simply insist on Grogro. At the very least, Grover should be given equal representation. And preferably, there should be an all Grover box. This way, no matter what two character choices you are given, you can rest assured that if you veto both choices and insist on Groger, your demands will be met. Also, Ideas Girl has pointed out the following problem: What up with there being no Oscar (Oker) ? She demanded an Oscar after rejecting four of the five other choices. Oscar lives in a trash can, so being on a diaper is really a no brainer! We can overlook the lack of Zoe (ZZZo --- who until recently was on the departing end of the diaper) or Bert (Amy or Bird). But some insults cannot go overlooked. Pampers should give Grover equal representation and include Oscar in the regular Cruisers packs. In addition, they should make an all Grover pack for special occasions.


Heather said...

It should be noted that you cannot just have a back-up Grover diaper on hand and then make the switch to a less desirable character such as Big Bird (currently the least favored) at the last second. I tried this over the weekend, and little miss smarty-pants (Elena), sensing something was wrong as she said "Groger?" and I said "mm hmmm," pulled up the diaper so she could see it. Alas, she discovered it was Ernie. So I second the all-Groger-for-special-occasions diaper pack. Brilliant idea!

Ideas Man, Ph.D. said...

This is a good point. It should be noted that Ideas Girl does have many ideas, but none of them are to allow us to trick her. That is our idea only. Too bad she's smarter than us.

Anonymous said...

I'd say that typically when a baby has fashion preferences with her diaper, it's time to potty train that baby; but Elena's a bit young for that. The danger's of a precocious baby.


Surplusrooster said...

I can't believe that there is no Oker diaper, Oker is clearly the character of choice for all diaper occasions. And he is thematically appropriate too.

But if Ideas Girl likes her Groger I can respect that. And even fight for her if I must.