Wednesday, March 01, 2006

There should be a taco shop in Bryn Mawr

There should be a taco shop in Bryn Mawr. I'm not sure that this suggestion needs much more elaboration, but nonetheless, I ought to point out:

1) That tacos are delicious.

2) That many different demographics find tacos to be delicious, including (but not limited to) kids of all ages (youngsters, hipsters and students alike): Bryn Mawr College, Villanova University and Haverford College are all within walking distance of the Main Line and all cost considerable coin. And many of the kids who actually call the Main Line home are also flush with cash.

3) That there is a dearth of taco shops in the Main Line. When I first started agitating for there to be a Taco Shop in Bryn Mawr (in 1998) this was true of the Philadelphia area in general with the exception of a hole in the wall in Norristown. The hole in the wall persists although it has tragically tried to go upscale and destroyed its charm. There are more Mexican restaurants in the city (including a growing number in Philadelphia's historic Italian Market). While this might meet the taco needs of some, I find it difficult to cart my young daughter into the city around mealtime since mealtime is soon followed by bedtime.

4) That, needless to say, I would frequent a decent taco shop in Bryn Mawr.

If you are a kindly taco cook who happens to have stumbled across these ramblings, please consider my humble request. I am lazy and have no culinary skills worth speaking of. You, however, might just hold the keys to my dreams.

Dreaming of Tacos


Surplusrooster said...

I remember going to that one taco place with you and Enoch. That was good. If I could cook I would become your personal taco chef. Sadly, I bet that you could make a superior taco to my taco. Maybe we should have a cook off.

So I wish you luck in your taco acquisition expedition.


Jnet said...

Along with our plethora of Japanese, Thai, Chinese, and other Asian restaurants, we in the greater Seattle area also have an abundance of taco shops. It is something I have always been grateful for (especially when I lived in Kent and there was at least one, sometimes TWO on each corner), but since I've been preggers, I've become obsessed with tacos and taco salad, and I have found myself saying "Why don't we have more taco shops??"

You should start a Taco Time franchise in Bryn Mawr. I don’t know if it can be classified as a “taco shop”, but along with tacos (both crunchy and soft) they also have a scrumptious Mexican chop salad, and deliciously deep fried crisp burritos!

Joe said...

I have an intense desire to argue that there is actually a taco shop in Bryn Mawr, but I can't think of where it would be. There used to be a Mexicali shop next to Ardmore Station, but it closed many moons ago (perhaps before you even started at Nova), presumably because mainliners are idiots (since Mexicali, at least in its Penn campus cart version, is a little slice of heaven). Which brings me to my next point: why not just go to the Mexicali shop at 40th and Sansom? It isn't too far from where Heather works--have her snag the grub on her way home.

Also, burritos are better than tacos.

Oh, and who is the jerk who called you a "candy ass" in that other thread? I hate it when people hide behind blog anonymity. That cat does have a point, though...

Joe said...

Oh, I also wanted to add:

Have the decency to call the Taqueria La Michoacana by name. Though it may be past its prime, it still should command that respect...

Ideas Man, Ph.D. said...

The Mexicali truck is fabulous and extremely closely situated to my office at Penn. However, that is only a one semester gig, and Heather's office is soon moving up north to Manuyunk. There is in fact no Taco Shop in Bryn Mawr. And I suppose a shout out to Taqueria Michoacana is in order. But it really has declined in quality since it's been listed in Zagats. And tacos are better than burritos (for one thing, burrtios have been trying to ride on the froo-frooy coat tails of wraps for years now).

As to the idea of considering Taco Time a taco shop. Let's just say that I'm only letting that slide because you are pregnant and so your taste buds are out of whack. Although Taco Time is perfectly good fast food, it in no way counts as a taco shop. That said, I wouldn't mind a Taco Time somewhere nearby either.

Miriam said...

Good Mexican food is a necessity. I've gotten to the point where when I'm making myself a burrito at home I can only use the posh, raw tortillas.
If I ever become your personal cook (it could happen), I will keep the request in mind.

Anonymous said...

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