Friday, May 05, 2006

Professor Ghetto-Star. That is what I are.

I am so tired that I actually replied to an email in the following way:

A student had asked me (among other things):

"How does Nietzsche argue that all reality is a matter of interpretation?" (a question from a study sheet, so rather than answer it, I was just going to point him in the direction of the answer

Here is my response (which I've already sent):

"4. See his discusison of physics, etc. Again, he wants to emphasize that what we take for granted as fact has to pass through some sort of more immediately cultural medium."

Here is my "damage control" email (which I've also already sent):

"Sorry. With 4, I meant that even facts have to be interpreted to mean anything to me (this is the idea that I had behind my idea as cultural medium, but it's unimportant now).

Thanks again,"

You know how in Bullworth, Warren Beatty goes crazy simply because he's so tired. That's me.

Thanks for a third time,


Heather said...

I was present for this event. Let me set the scene: it was about 11 pm and he was sitting at the desk and I was working on the couch with my laptop. I kept telling him to go to sleep (we have been staying up super late lately bc we both have had a ton of work to do) and it is pointless for both of us to be completely exhausted, especially since I am at work all weekend so he will be the prime (definition: only) caregiver. Anyway, there was about a 20 minute period of silence, a rare event in our household. So I say, "Ammon?" and he responds, "I think I was asleep...oh, I think I was sending emails while I was asleep." And then he read aloud the email that is the subject of this post and descended into a fit of giggles.

Joe said...

Why "4"?

Ideas Man, Ph.D. said...

It was his fourth question. My answers to the other three were also dumb but not insanely so.

joe said...

Oh...I thought the joke was that you responded with a list that only had a number 4. I hate to be negative, but that made the post much funnier...