Friday, September 22, 2006

Ideas Man Gets Propositioned (?)


So, I went with Ms. Doctor Ideas Woman, Esq. to the hospital when she had to get some lab work done. And I was just standing there while she got registered in. Now, naturally when I say "just standing there" it goes without saying that I was "just standing there being handsome. So, whenever Heather wasn't looking, the woman who was checking her in kept on smiling at me (actually, the smiles persisted even when Heather was looking) and giving me gigantic, extremely obvious winks --- the kind you'd expect to see in a ribald skit on Sabado Gigante.

As it happens, Heather's lab work took so long that I probably could have gone back and "sealed the deal" if I had been so inclined.

Now, it should be noted that even if I weren't in a happy, committed, monogamous relationship I very much doubt that this particular woman is the sort of woman I would have been to inclined to follow through with. But this strikes me as beside the point. I am nonetheless flattered.

This brings me to one of my many objections to the religious right, who seem to be horrified by the notion of men hitting on other men. (Of course, we all know that's because the anti-gay movement in the religious right is full of closet cases. I hear that Focus on the Family is one big orgy of repressed tension. Haven't we all lost count on how many interns have been raped by James Dobson's eyes? That's a different story though.) I was perfectly appreciative of the guys who would hit on me when I was working as a barista at the Starbucks at Dupont Circle (Washington D.C.'s "fruit loop.") It's nice to know that someone is noticing, and a little harmless flirting never hurt anyone (unlike, say, rampant discrimination).

What about the notion about keeping gays out of the military because straight men would be afraid of being "J. Dobsoned" in the shower? Now, I should mention that I am horrified by the idea of public showering in any way shape or form (this, along with my total wussiness, is the reason why I conspired to avoid ever taking physical education in high school): so I'd be uncomfortable showering with gay men or straight men, gay women or straight women --- I think that covers pretty much everyone (although I guess it leaves open the possibility I might be o.k. showering with bisexual transexuals, but I somehow doubt this). But take away the horribleness of public nakedness and ask yourself, is it any worse to be admired by someone of the same gender?

No. Admiration is flattering from any quarter.

Which leads me to wonder. Do beautiful people get "propositioned" all the time? If so, no wonder they are such narcissists.

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