Thursday, May 17, 2007

Return of Ideas Man,Ph.D, Part Two: Summer of George

I was probably foolish to try reviving a moribund blog whilst teaching at two different universities and looking for a tenure-track position, thus obviating the need to teach at two universities. The search for the tenure-track position having ended in failure (I was run out of the "great" state of Texas for being a relativist, which I wasn't aware that I was -- but that is another post) and the clock having run out on having to teach, the summer of George has begun. Actually, I have a translation to do, a number of articles to send off, and a book proposal to write, all of which strikes me as an ideal time to once again attempt to revive a moribund blog.


Anonymous said...

1) You need to find a more negative term than "moribund".

2) I still check ideas man weekly, and have a link to it on Safari...

3) Translation?

4) I would genuinely enjoy (putting the utter rediculousness of the situtation referenced aside) a real discussion of whether you are a relativist...

5) Speaking of that situation set aside in (4), did you complain to the APA or to the university at question? I think, as I mentioned many moons ago, that you should.


Ideas Man, Ph.D. said...

1) DOA?

2) I don't even know what Safari is.

3) Yes, about 30 pages of a book by Hans Jonas. They are letters he wrote to his wife while a soldier in World War II. The sad thing is, that I was brought in because of my background in philosophy.

4) A good question, one which I don't rightly know the answer to myself. When I told the story to Katie, she said, "But you are a relativist right?" When I told the story to Heather she said, "But you're not even a relativist."

I would say that I'm certain that I am not not a relativist. If anything (and I am pretty serious about this), I think I'd call myself a skeptic in that 1) I hold, against non-relativists, that there is not truth apart from language or culture or what-have you by which we can rightly judge the truth or falsity of any claim but 2) I hold, against relativists, that language, culture or what have you do not get to some sort of bed-rock beyond which criticism is possible.

5) I'm trying my best to set aside the situation referenced in 4. I think I agree that it isn't really about relativism and is more about religious discrimination, but I don't know that I have the energy to complain. I might look and see if the APA or AAUP has an easy way to complain about such matters.

Ideas Man, Ph.D. said...

By "criticism is possible," I of course meant "criticism is impossible."

Anonymous said...

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