Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Ideas Boy, B.A.(B.Y)

This and the previous post both pertain to the birth of Ideas Boy, B.A. (BY), a.k.a Jasper Dean Allred, born February 1 at 2:10 in the afternoon. He was 5 weeks early and had to spend the first nine days of his life in the NICU, but we were happy he wasn't earlier.

Heather started having complications on Christmas Eve. Our Christmas present was a trip to the hospital, where Heather had to stay from the 24th to the 28th. They were worried that she was going to go into preterm labor, but once she got to 34 weeks, they took her off bedrest --- and within a few days Jasper was born!

Well, at that point something like 2/3 of babies are born without complications and Jasper had had some steroids to help him grow (he'll be testifying about this so-called APGAR inflation to Congress in a few weeks). And at first everything seemed fine but then he stopped breathing... and later developed jaundice. Boys have breathing problems more often than girls and whites get jaundice disproportionately. It's because of these kind of disadvantages that we white men need the affirmative action program called centuries of political and economic oppression....

Despite this rocky start, Jasper has been thriving. He's been growing like a trooper (he's almost to 10 pounds already --- which puts him in the 50th percentile adjusted for his prematurity. We didn't know there was such a thing as the 50th percentile). If he keeps growing this quickly, he'll be bigger than his big sister within a couple of years.

He's just started giving lots of smiles and has huge dimples. I'll post one when we can get one on camera. He has also started working on his coo's and gurgles. Before that he'd try to communicate by staring at you and opening his mouth.

He is very even tempered and a real joy to be around. He and his big sister get along great and we've had no instances of "the big sister" (as Ideas Girl calls herself) getting jealous. She loves him so much and is so sweet with him. The only problem we have is that she wants to help too much. He, for his part, is fascinated by her. He loves his mommy and daddy holding him, but his favorite person to watch is Elena.

Getting weighed at birth.

Ideas Boy in the "Idea Cave" at the NICU

Ideas Man feeding Ideas boy a bottle (at the NICU)

The happy Ideas Clan
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Ideas Boy, B.A. (BY) II

Ideas Boy and Ideas Man wearing their matching "HBR" shirts, named in honor of Hank Boyd Rite, the 60s era architect who designed our house.

Ideas Boy and Ideas Girl lounging in their respective easy chairs.

Easter Sunday

Ideas Boy likes to sleep. We find this shocking because of the sleep habits of Ideas Girl, both as a baby and presently.
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