Friday, January 01, 2010

Dr J, Dr A and the Amazing Ra'

So Dr. J and I are totally serious about applying to be on the amazing race.
Now once we get on, you all know that we're going to be seriously awesome, or at least you do if you read our blogs.
But first we have to get on.
And here's where you, our online internet community come into play.
As Dr. J put it in our initial consult, the two chief considerations to being a successful reality  TV contestant are:

1) being smoking hot


2) being bastshit insane.

I'm not sure if those were her exact words but I think that was the basic point.

Now, 2 is arguably true of me at least, but more in a neurotic way than the psycho in-your-face, I-dont-apologize-for-who-I-am way that the reality shows love.  As anyone who knows me will tell you, I always apologize for who I am.

And although I'm sure those of you who know us will say that 1) is true too, you'll have to admit that in neither case is it in the telegenic football QB/cheerleader way (although Dr. J. at least has the glee pipes).

So our strategy is probably going to be centered around the fact that we're philosophers which is a little bit interesting, right?  There are always one or two of the "smart" rather than "athletic" teams on there, and it's always delightful when they do stupid things (as I'm sure we would).

But what more specifically?  Well, we've been thinking of playing up the fact that in truth we haven't spent tons of time together in person.  We know one another from grad school but we weren't particularly close (or distant than) and we only overlapped a bit --- I had just about finished up coursework when Dr. J. started and she transferred to a different program soon thereafter.

Where we've become really good friends is online and also at conferences (which only happen so often and which occupy kind of a weird space anyway) --- so we're thinking of playing up that unknown factor --- we can probably make that seem like it has more potential for conflict than it really does --- take a look at the questions in the application I linked to above and you'll see what I mean.

Neither of us sees anything against the rules about blogging the process so I'm totally soliciting feedback from you guys about how we should proceed and I'll post some of my answers as I get them.

But the bigger question for right now is how to handle the 3 minute video required, particularly since Dr. J. and I live about 1000 miles apart.  Here's what we're thinking right now.

Dr. J. and I are both teaching bored classes at our respective institutions and speaking the worst sort of academicese bullshit.  Students are asleep.  We both walk out and say screw it and call one another up and talk about how it's time to finally do AR.

We talk back and forth about how awesome we're going to be because we're so smart, sophisticated and clever.

Meanwhile our students are trash-talking us and talking about how eccentric and impractical we are.



Heather said...

If you're Quin, let me just tell you right now: Dr. J is not the father!

DOCTOR J said...

Yeah, he's just a girl who said that I was the one...

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