Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mo' Money?

So I've been thinking about e-publishing a lot lately, and hopefully will have more to say about it later ---
But in the course of doing this, I've been realizing that a lot of what people call e-books amount to less in terms of substance than what I've written on this blog (I am nothing if not prolix) --- and I'm starting to think about putting out a trial balloon of fiction or non-fiction through some sort of easy self-publishing mechanism (like Kindle) --- I'm curious to know what people who follow this blog think --- if I compiled and put together something like the stuff I've written here on Mormonism, or something like an expanded version of what my sister and I did over at

or my murder mystery, and priced it at like $2, would it be worth seeing if people are interested?

Or is that just lame?

And a somewhat related note, I've also been thinking about writing on demand.  Like, people ask me to write about something and I do.

My friend Dr. J. did that for a while and I thought it was pretty cool.
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Benjamin said...

I think your reflections on Mormonism are definitely worth publishing in some form. Self-e-publishing might be the easiest way to get the ball rolling. I have no idea if a publisher would see online interst as reason to pick up a book for offline distribution--but it seems possible.

I think it would depend on what sort of market there is via the Kindle for downloading books/essays that aren't from bigger publishers. And that's just something I don't know.

I do know, however, that if I start finding your peculiar prolixity in my students' essays, I will have to call a repeal vote and campaign vociferously against writers-for-hire.


Laura said...

Wait, you mean a philosopher would actually think about selling his ideas (writings)? As in, taking pecuniary remuneration? Just kidding. I like reading stuff you write. But I don't have a kindle, so I probably wouldn't buy your e-books.