Friday, March 12, 2010

schlegels: friedrich or rupert?

I'll be perfectly honest --- I don't know who Rupert Schlegel is. Now as to Friedrich or August Wilhelm, I'd probably go with Dorothea who had the sense to divorce Fred before he went nutso conservative (but then her new husband did so)...


Here's a poem:

Orphic Mysteries Brought to Light (For You, My Dear)

Don’t say to me, “It wasn’t worth dying for”
For me at least
From my perspective:

Cool autumn nights, spent more or less alone,
Joined at the hip to sadness,
No need to turn around to feel it,
Nor to see softly following me your ghost:
I had to leave it there,
Your shade in the shade,
Yourself, yours truly
That’s me.

Her coiled hair, her serpents’ step,
Stepped on one too many toeless things,
Glided lightly and, yes I followed,
But no, with no rescue plan in mind.

Only in descending,
A Novalis ending.

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