Monday, April 05, 2010

Unless I'm mistaken, Ideas Man is an avowed atheist. Does he see any harm in a Spinozist or Einsteinian conception of God as underlying cause? If so, what harm does he see?

You are not mistaken. He doesn't see it as particularly bad (well not the Spinozist conception --- I gather the Einsteinian might be more problematic, but I don't know enough about it). That is to say that I'm committed to the idea of the unity of substance, but I tend to think that a) the necessary duality of knowable attributes and b) a reading of e2p7 (the order of things and knowing is the same or something like that) that sounds like attribute parallelism are both bad, and end up reproducing the problems of theism within a supposedly atheistic regime --- think of the philosophes or of the neo-Darwinians.

On the other hand, Nietzsche, Klossowksi et. al. have done fantastic work for atheism through embracing key aspects of Spinozism.

Finally, I do believe in the Greek gods. F'real. And this does relate to what I mean by rejecting a duality of attributes, but why takes too long to explain.


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