Thursday, May 06, 2010

A Brief Introduction to Ideas Man

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So on Sunday, I'm going to participate in this thingy called Blog Jog Day, and I can only imagine the hordes of people who will therefore be reading these words.

Let me say: welcome.  Thank you for taking the time to meet Ideas Man.

Contained within these stylings are innumerable gems of wisdom, gateways to laughter and tears everything you could possibly hope to learn (provided you only want to learn what I've got to teach).

I invite readers overwhelmed by this vast array of wisdom to peruse the tags in hopes of inspiration, or to choose at random, as one might the I Ching.

Alternatively, the reader might consider the following brief guide to the Best of Ideas Man, as voted by our panel (which consists of Ideas Man and his cat).

For the record, the cat (Boo Radley) voted against including any of these --- thank goodness we made it clear I'd decide any ties myself.

Who is Ideas Man?
25 things you didn't know about Ideas Man
Can Ideas Man Sing?
No. But it's mildly amusing to watch him try.
Can Ideas Man Write?
Well, he thinks he can.  You be the judge:
A Short Short Story (Pentaccosted).
A Parable.
A Trip to Memphis.
A Doctor Seussian view of life in academia.
But is he funny?
Not really, but he is a bit of a jerk.
What's his deal with Greek Mythology?
Good question.  He seems to like it.  But look how it messed up his daughter.
If Ideas Man wrote pornography, what would it be like?
Not very good.
How does Ideas Man feel about all the attention he'll no doubt be getting?
He has mixed feelings about it.
What else should I read by Ideas Man?
Hate Glenn Beck?  Like Dungeons and Dragons? Like Glenn Beck? Hate Dungeons and Dragons?
Maybe you'd like his account of leaving the Mormon Church? (1,2,3)
Interested in politics: Ideas Man's reflections on Obama, Romney and others.
Take the most scientific personality quiz you ever will.
Like adorable stories about adorable kids?  Will you settle for mildly amusing stories about adorable kids?
   How to fail as a parent.
   How to try to succeed as a parent but still fail.
   Ideas Boy's Oedipal Complex.
   Curse words you can learning from Nick Jr.
I can't get enough of Ideas Man!  Where else can I find him?
You can read the first part of his novel, Behind Closed Doors: A Mormon Murder Mystery.
Buy part one of his memoir for your kindle (Bet you didn't know he knew about your kindle).
Hear him sing a song.
Listen to him recount the Da Vinci Code.
Read a chain novel he wrote with his sister.
Become his fan on "The Facebook."
Follow him on Twitter.

Love him, baby, love him.
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Carole Anne Carr said...

I love your sense of humour, even if the English/American thing sometimes gets in the way! :0)