Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Stieg Larsson look out! Literary Agents --- Look Here!

I know that everyone is all into these Stieg Larsson novels, but Ideas Man happens to know (thanks to Wikipedia) that he is dead.

But the world is Jonesin' for more of his books.

Now, I'm not 100% sure what the books are about, but I think I have some idea insofar as I've read the titles of the books.

On the basis of which Ideas Man is willing to offer any interested literary agents/publishers that he'll write any of the following books on spec:

  • The Girl Who Opened A Can of Worms
  • The Girl With A Gimp Leg
  • The Girl With An Overactive Imagination
  • The Girl With a Heart-Shaped Tattoo
  • The Girl Who Speaks Fluent Ugaritic
  • The Girl Who Buys Lots of Flowers [This was Ideas Girl's suggestion]
  • The Girl Who Knew Just the Right Amount
  • The Girl With Two Eyes, Two Ears, A Nose and A Mouth
  • The Girl With A Fantastic Set of Knockers
  • The Girl With Prosaic Characteristics
  • The Girl Who Previously Was a Boy
  • The Girl Who Was a Logical Positivist
  • The Girl Ohne Eigenschaften
  • The Girl Who Had Sex With Tiger Woods and Was His Wife
  • The Girl Who Wrote Songs About Boys Who Sing Songs About Girls Who Are Boys Who Like Boys to be  Girls Who Do Boys Like They're Girls Who Do Girls Like They're Boys And Always Should Be Someone You Really Love
  • The Girl With the Pearl Earring and a Dragon Tattoo.  And also a Fantastic Set of Knockers.
  • The Girl Who Was Catherine Deneuve, Icon of French Cinema
  • The Girl Who Made Fallacious Appeals to Authority
  • The Girl Who Did Things and Also Had Stuff.
  • The Girl Who Was a Figment of the Author's Imagination
  • The Girl With Literary Pretensions of Her Own, Damnit!
  • The Girl Who Needs to SHUT THE HELL UP!
  • The Girl Who is Leaving Your Sorry Ass!

  • The Ideas Man, PhD. Who Was All Alone.
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Jennette said...

I would partiularly like to read about the girl who knew just the right amount.