Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Suppose you have a scholarship to BYU but cannot agree with mormon doctrine. Do you recommend keeping the scholarship and faking it until graduation or just cutting your losses and leaving?

A good question --- I as in a similar boat, and I ended up staying around to the end. Now, there are parts of my education I really loved --- BYU did, and I think still does, have a very good philosophy department, and I was quite happy with the narrow range of classes I took in depts. like philosophy and comp. lit. But I regret not being somewhere where I was more comfortable and fit in better...I had a great grad school experience, but realize that really missed the normal college experience.

Can you get the education you want there? Are you okay living the lifestyle? Or willing to take the risk of getting caught? Do you have options at schools of comporable academic quality that are financially viable?

The thing that I would emphasize, that I didn't come to realize until much later, is that whatever you decide, it is okay. If you decide that financially and academically, your best option is to go, you shouldn't feel like a phony for faking it --- they're the ones who are placing unreasonable demands on you. On the other hand, you are allowed to go somewhere else if you think it'll make you happier...

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