Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Daddy and the Date with the Giant

This is to show the giant.  The other picture is seats in the opera house
This is a story that Ideas Girl and I wrote using boggle dice for our prompt:   
Daddy and the Date With the Giant

I went on a date with a giant and here's how the story goes.  I was putting bolts in some furniture when the giant came and said "May you come and have a date with me?"  The giant had brought a present.  It was doggy bones because we got a new doggy.  The Giant didn't know how to sing his Alphabet so he sang "Ah Be Cee She She Ah Gee Ah Boh Kee Da Owee."  The Giant was only 2, but he was still bigger than me.

The Giant gave me and Ideas Girl a quest.  We had to go to the opera, where Ideas Girl wore a bunny costume, and I was one of the lions.  And there was a car that we rode in at the opera while we sang "OPERA!"  While we were in the car, we sang "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star / How I wonder / What you Are."  Then we saw a crow.  It was eating the pie for our picnic, and we said, "Oh well, we'll go get another one."  So we did.  And then we find two gingerbreads for dessert.

There was water that we could have for our drink.

The End.

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