Monday, November 15, 2010

A Few Words Whispered Out of Calypso's Earshot

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A Few Words Whispered Out of Calypso's Earshot

Entranceless, entranced
circular time,
on the island that each of us
individually is,
bending shorelines, ageless silences.

Dispel this maudlin grist,
these meaningless reflections!

Over the waters,
annihilated by the commotion
of the wind and wave whither its words are borne,
the night spoke to me in a voice
that could not have been my own
as it painted a smile
whose anonymous eyes far outstripped
what I remembered your face 
to be.

When I heard those shapely lines,
My self-certitude melted like Descartes' wax.
My memory failed me,
ravaged by time's vicissitudes,
(spent, perhaps, too strenuously elsewhere),
a mute and feeble thing
that holds in its emptied form
only this last recurring theme:

How I long for you to return.
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Carole Anne Carr said...

This is wonderful, has the whispered feeling of a Chinese poem written in during the Tang dynasty, especially the last line.