Saturday, July 02, 2011

31 Day Doctor Seuss Challenge Day 2: Your Love

You get a twofer because I started a day late.

Day 2: My Love

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This way for Aphrodite's menagerie.
Right through this tent.  Oh the birds that you'll see!

The Front Door & Back Door Crunkamathunk
Opens its heart till it hurts, then gets drunk.
(That's a lie. It really just loves itself.
Everything else is a mere prize for its shelf.)

The Splendid Melancholy Gadzooki
Dreams of nothing all day long but beauty.
It can't leave this room.  We can't let it glimpse
The traffic of life out there with the pimps.

Here's the Muffled Green Hooded Stravinschick
Which worships only the purest music.
The Delphic bird can't sing no more.  It's heard
The sounds of Heaven autotuned. Absurd
As it sounds every Muse it's known has flown
To aesthetic chopshops.  Now they're all clones.

What's that? This is about love? Silly me.
Scratch all that.  Well then, hmm... Okay, let's see.
Family, friends, other such happy words
Leave all that other sad crap for the birds.


DOCTOR J said...

This is awesome. (So was your first one.) I'm having a hard time generating the neologisms. Jealous of yours!

Ideas Man, Ph.D. said...

Thanks. It's 6 years of reading em to kiddos.

Anonymous said...

"Crunkamathunk" is genius.