Friday, July 29, 2011

A Genuinely Modest Proposal

Dear Mr. Boehner:
Now that your little stunt has backfired here's what you do today:

First thing, you tell the Tea Party freshmen to go fuck themselves. Then you introduce and work with mainline rank and file Republicans and all Democrats to pass a very simple, genuinely bipartisan bill. Here's what that bill does: it raises the debt ceiling by $1 trillion dollars so that the White House can make the payments Congress has directed it to make.

Here's what it doesn't do: anything else. No spending cuts. No tax hikes. You can address those in separate bills. SINCE THEY ARE SEPARATE ISSUES.

The Senate will pass the bill today; the President will sign it today.

You will have done your job. And then you can have your silly little debate about austerity measures.
It's called putting your country before partisanship --- which is why we can be pretty confident you won't do it.

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Carole Anne Carr said...

Oh dear! :0)