Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Lexicon of Philosophical Groupings

A Lexicon  of Philosophical Groupings

Earlier in the year, with the help of colleagues and friends, I started collecting names for the groupings of philosophers (on the model of "a gaggle of geese," "a murder of crows," "a troop of apes," etc.).  Please leave your suggestions in the comments, and the committee on naming will consider them.

An umbrage of analytic philosophers
A pretense of continental philosophers

An ennui of existentialists 
A douchebag of experimental philosophers
An axiom of logicians
A dogma of theologians
A dunce of medievalists

A bind of deontologists
A shame of Freudians, except a slip of Freudians (when talking)

A lack of Lacanians
An abyss of Nietzscheans
A circle of hermeneuts,
A despair of Kierkegaardians, except a chastity of Kierkegaardians (when at bars)
A voluptuary of Kantians
A meander of ancient philosophers
A disposition of behaviorists
A liar of McGinns, except a sleaze of McGinns (around grad students) 
A discretionary of of Foucauldians, except a whip of Foucauldians (in the Bay Area)
A tractatus of early Wittgenstinians
A  game of late Wittgenstinians
A verification of logical positivists
A sheath of feminists
An irrelevance of aestheticians
An outrage of environmental ethicists
An opiate of Marxists
A self-congratulation of cognitive scientists
A vat of skeptics
A thereness of Heideggerians, except a sending of Heideggeians (when skiing) and a      gathering of deceased Heideggerians.
An epoche of phenomenologists
A trace of Derrideans
A jerk-circle of PGR rankers
A rhizome of Deleuzians
An event of Badiouians
A murder of trolley-problem theorists'
A blog of speculative realists
A myx of LBGTQ theorists
An opiate of Marxists
An ideal speech situation of Habermasians
A veranda of Leibnizians